About Us

Kenny Mauer photo

Strong Family. Strong Brand.

Kenny Mauer has been an advocate for health and fitness his whole life. While a native of St Paul, Minnesota, he graduated from the University of Minnesota receiving a degree in education with a minor in health. In the fall of 2015, he will begin his 30th season as a referee National Basketball Association. He takes great pride with his position as Crew Chief mentoring young referees on the staff.

Kenny’s main interest in developing Mauer Sports Nutrition emerged from his wife’s interest in proper nutrition. Danielle became fascinated with how deceitful the food industry is and became intrigued with Dr. Joseph Mercola's daily newsletters, the Weston A. Price Foundation, as well as reading numerous books on proper foods and natural health.

Bringing their mutual interest together, their union has created a company in which they are proud of. They are and will continue to manufacture various consumable products that are organic, clean, and serve as an honest, nutritious alternative for people who are not only athletes, but everyday people who just want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

At Mauer Sports Nutrition, we want to provide a healthy alternative to today’s energy bar, drink and shot market. We realize there is currently an abundance of these products, however we intend to offer an alternative that will not only taste amazing but contains no refined sugar, no artificial flavors, is non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), gluten-free, contains ingredients, all while using no preservatives!

It is our belief we can take our sport and energy alternative market to a new level of nutrition, by providing the protein and energy boost needed to sustain a healthy body while helping the everyday person enjoy a better lifestyle!